A Mass of Confusion

How could such a fundamental, universally understood truth, which stood unquestioned for eons of time, be dismissed and replaced with confusing lies, that have in a short time become not only accepted as doctrine by so many, but also forced upon the rest of us? How did an ideology that runs counter to truth and contradicts itself gain such momentum? Why are so many otherwise intelligent and reasonable people not only accepting the lies, but defending them and vilifying those who dare speak the truth?

When I started blogging in 2015, one of the first things I wrote was titled “On Being a Woman”. It was a reaction to something in the news then. I confess that it violated a principle I adopted later to not call out specific people in my posts, but to focus more on principles. I was also very passionate in that piece and have tried to be more calm – less ranty – since. But I still stand by everything I said there. The truth is still the truth. Women are women – women can only be women – men are not and can not be women.

Biological Truth

This is Truth. It is a biological reality that men are men and women are women. Men have an X and a Y Chromosome which results in physical characteristics and male sexual organs, among other things. Women have two X Chromosomes which results in different physical characteristics and female sexual organs. These differences are imbedded in every cell in every body. They exist independent and regardless of any surgical removals or enhancements or hormonal treatments. The extremely rare biological anomalies are exceptions that really do prove the rule. Humans are sexually binary. These physical differences make it possible for us to reproduce and therefore perpetuate humankind on this planet. That is the biological explanation.

Spiritual Truth

The spiritual explanation is that we have a God who is all knowing, all wise, all powerful, and all loving. In His love for us and his desire for our progression and happiness, He created physical bodies for us to learn and experience this physical world He created for that purpose.

God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

Genesis 1:27

In 1995 the living Apostles of Jesus Christ issued a Proclamation to the World which states:

Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose.

This affirmed that gender is an eternal element of our identity. In plain words, we existed as spirits before we came here to gain a physical body and our spirits were already either male or female. Our spirits entered into physical bodies corresponding to our identity – God created them male and female. When we leave this world we will still be either male or female as we were in the beginning.

Of course, among men, and also among women, there is great physical variety – sizes, shapes, colors, etc. There is also great variety in personality, abilities, aptitudes, interests, etc. But there are those core characteristics that differentiate two very distinct sexes.

Ideology Rather than Individuals

Before the accusations that my words are hurtful, and lectures about “isn’t it more important to be accepting”, I would like to separate out individual human beings from the ideology. Yes, I care about people – very much. Yet, it is the very people that some would accuse me and others of offending, oppressing, or victimizing, who are actually being used and harmed by the ideology, and will be tossed aside when their usefulness to the cause has run it’s course.

Progression Downward

I wrote another blog post in December 2018, but never posted it. By this time, the transgender movement had advanced from a few prominent people bringing attention to it, to becoming more accepted and widespread and influential. I wondered then whether this focus and promotion of transgenderism would be the downfall of the whole liberal movement.

This was my question then: Are liberals really oblivious to the contradictions, conflicts and actual undermining of liberal causes by this focus on the T in the ever growing acronym LGBTQIAXYZ+? How could a movement at odds with itself – essentially with components cancelling out each other – continue?

But continue it did and somehow the T has become supreme. Transgenderism presents the optimum as far as oppression points (especially when combined with racial minority). It has become more in our faces. It is forcing changes to our whole social environment and is affecting the liberty of Americans.

A wise man posed a very good question:

The idea that anyone, even children, can snap their fingers and become the opposite sex is, objectively, crazier than fretting over nuclear war, and much crazier than anticipating the impending arrival of aliens. And yet, for most of the past decade or so, transgenderism somehow only grew more influential, and corrupted more institutions, the more unhinged it became. How could that be? 

Matt Walsh  The Trans Ideology Cult Is Collapsing Under The Weight Of Its Own Absurdity, Daily Wire 8/16/23

Destroying Feminism

First, I might point out that this whole LGBTQ+ package is part of a larger liberal package, which supposedly includes feminism.

I remember the beginnings of Women’s Lib in the 1960’s and 1970’s. There was bra burning and tossing of dresses for pantsuits. Clothing with gender specific meaning – especially somehow associated with being dominated, sexualized, or objectified – was thrown out. Yet, preferences for that demeaning feminine attire is exactly what men who now want to be women want to wear. But women aren’t supposed to want that if they want to be equal to men. So, we have men wearing dresses while women wear pants. Maybe we just need to switch the stereotypes and clothing departments?

Women fought for the right of girls to participate in sports. It was a badge of equality. I remember as a girl playing softball with boys in the field behind our house. I couldn’t play little league with boys and there were no girl leagues. What an advancement to have sports programs for girls, where they can compete against other girls on equal ground. But now we have full grown men who call themselves women so they compete against and dominate much smaller women. How does this advance the cause of women’s equality if men take over women’s sports?

Then there is that glass ceiling. Will it finally be broken by men who think they are women or by women who think they are men? Throw in enough of either or both and it could skew the numbers. How would we then know if women have arrived? How can a woman even be a proper feminist these days if a man can be one too?

Offensive Cultural Appropriation

Drag shows are becoming more popular recently and are now being presented as “family friendly”. I am still confused about drag queens. We used to call them transvestites. It is kind of a sexual fetish, so are they just deviants? Are they gay? They used to be thought of as gay. Are they transgender? How many have actually transitioned or do they really want to? Is this simply a temporary transformation for entertainment and attention?

Drag shows are essentially the same in nature to performers in Blackface. People are outraged and very offended at even the idea of Blackface these days. Individuals have been cancelled when very old photos have shown up. I, as a woman, am very offended at the idea of a bunch of full-grown men parading around in stereotypical slutty clothing most women don’t wear and thus mocking women and womanhood. I am all for comedy, but political correctness today makes it hard for comedians to mock many really funny truths. But somehow mocking women in this way is celebrated.

Gay vs Transgender

For years we have heard the mantra from gays – “we were born that way”. Same sex attraction was declared to be something that no one had any control over. It is just the way they are. No choice involved. I have heard many accounts of gays and lesbians who related that from early childhood that they knew they were gay and cited a connection with things associated with the other gender as evidence that this was inherent: girls who hated dresses and pretty things and like to play sports and do rough stuff; boys who did like girly stuff and drama and were un-athletic and nurturing. Stereotypes? Yes!

Now those who promote transgenderism, convincing vulnerable young men and women that they are the other gender, use those very same stereotypical preferences as evidence that they are really the opposite gender. Then they influence them to make irreversible changes to their bodies to fit their “real gender.” This involves a choice (though not fully understood by children) to change what already is.

If we are born with specific chromosomes, doesn’t it involve a conscious choice to change one’s gender? So, we are supposedly born with sexual orientation before we are sexual, yet can choose to change our gender based on how we feel? Is it about choice or how we are wired? I am confused – and I think they are too. And I wonder why gays are not upset at this undermining of their “born that way” argument?

How did this happen?

Now transgenderism is appearing to be an epidemic among young people. It has become the flash point for political and cultural debate. It is the issue upon which many lives are being forever altered – both among those transitioning and for those who dare to speak out against it.

How did something so blatantly untrue and counter to other liberal ideas, become the central focus of the whole movement?

I know that truth is consistent with truth. But lies are varied and can and often do conflict and contradict each other. Knowing the source of lies – the father of lies – this makes some sense. He doesn’t care whether his lies are consistent. His intent is to keep us from The Truth, in whatever way he can. If some will believe and support one lie – great for him. If others discount that lie or promote another – that is great too. Somehow, he has managed to create a coalition of lies with the real purpose being to unitedly fight against truth. Silly me to think the lies might actually fight against and undermine each other.

Yet, I wonder what has happened to people’s brains. Do people really believe that now after all these centuries of human life being perpetuated by two distinct sexes, we have now advanced to multiple genders that actually cannot perpetuate human life? Are people so devoted and faithful to the liberal cause that they blindly accept the whole package without question? Is it all about power – social and political? Certainly, there is money to be made in promoting expensive hormone treatments and surgeries. Or is it all evidence of the influence of the adversary in this fallen world?

Creation by Divine Design

As we observe and ponder the amazing conditions of this earth, how can we not also recognize with awe creation by divine design and feel gratitude to the great and marvelous Creator?

Creation of Earth

A friend gave my husband a subscription to National Geographic for Christmas. When the March issue came, I scanned through it and was struck by an interesting article briefly mentioning 13 things that make life possible on earth. As I read about these amazing details, I was struck by the vast knowledge and wisdom of God in creating all of these perfect conditions to support life on this earth. It reaffirmed my faith in a wise and loving creator.

Then I turned the page and found an article about how life on this marvelous earth evolved from simple life forms to us amazing humans. What a way to deflate the beautiful balloon.

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Standards – The Assault on Moral Standards

Standards provide safeguards and guide us in life. Moral standards provide a framework for a peaceful society. The assault on moral standards leaves individuals vulnerable and weakens society.

moral standards

What are standards and why do we need them?

A standard is a set point against which things can be measured. Standards are effective when generally understood and accepted by all and when set by an appropriate authority. Standards within an organization provide order and consistency. They instill confidence in the quality and safety of products, services and personal conduct. Our confidence in leaders is determined by the standards that they live up to.

Moral standards serve similar functions to promote order and safety in society as well as personal well-being and progress. We all will not measure up to standards at all times. We are human. But without standards, we have no idea how far off course we are or whether we are even going in the right direction. Standards serve as a guide to make corrections. We can have a sense of security and peace when we live up to standards.

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The Dual Nature of Man and the Battle for the Soul

I am concerned about the battles raging in our society – the battles which divide us into opposing groups, and also the internal battles for individual souls. These are continuations of a war which began long ago. We have no recollection of it, but scriptural accounts can stir up feelings and give us a sense of the intensity and eternal significance of the struggle. (See Revelation 12:7-9, Moses 4:1-4, Abraham 3:27-28)

What makes this war is so challenging on an individual level – and that is the level that it really counts – are the realities of our current mortal existence.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I believe that we are essentially spiritual beings. We are actually the spiritual offspring of God, and as such have at our spiritual core a divine nature and potential. In order for us to be able to progress toward that potential, we have been given the opportunity of this mortal existence. We have been housed in physical bodies and placed in a temporal world. I do not believe that everything about these physical bodies and this world are inherently bad or evil. These bodies are marvelous creations and allow us to do wonderful things. Our world is filled with so much that is beautiful and good. However, being a spiritual being inside a physical body creates the basis of our test, and the core of the battle – will the spiritual overcome the physical and progress, or will the spiritual yield to the physical?

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A Good Person

We often hear someone comment about another being a “good person”. Sometimes this is said in spite of evidence that this person may have done something seriously wrong, as if that action was out of character. Other times this is used to eulogize someone by summarizing their life as basically good.

I think the designation of “good person” is often used in the same manner as labeling someone “nice”. I knew someone whose catch-phrase was “Be nice like me”. What I learned from her, however, was that it was totally possible to be “nice” while also being very self-centered and manipulative. The term “nice” seems to me more about being socially acceptable. It includes manners and respect and courtesy, but also conforming to whatever society or a particular group determines is acceptable behavior. It is really about pleasing people so that they will approve of you.

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Doing What is Right

In order to do what is right, there must be standards which we can choose to follow because we believe they are right.

I read a Facebook post with this quote from Timber Hawkeye’s “Faithfully Religionless” (FB told me a friend liked this – it was not on a Page I follow):

“I’m not against religion, I just don’t believe we need it in order to be ethical, especially since morality means doing what is right regardless of what you are told, and religion is about doing what you’re told regardless of what is right.”

My first thought was “How can you possibly know you are doing what is right?” In order to do what is right – or even to know what is right, moral, or ethical – there must be standards. One important role of religion through the ages has been to provide firm, set standards of right and wrong. The source of these standards is believed to be divine and always right – the source of absolute truth.

Rather than blindly doing what a religion says to do as the non-religious claim, the religious are actually making a conscious choice to be obedient to the standards of right and wrong that they believe have come from a divine source. They are really doing what is right, regardless of what the secular world is telling them. This is morality.

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The Real Enemy of Us All

We have a very real, and powerful, and successful, common enemy who has become expert in turning us against each other.

For a brief time after 9-11, our Country was united in a way reminiscent of the World War II era, when we were faced with an obvious identifiable evil – a common enemy. Unfortunately, it did not take much time for us to become divided again until divisiveness is now greater than I have ever known.

The great irony is that though the recognition of a common enemy is usually effective in uniting groups of people to fight against that enemy, we do in fact have a very real, and powerful, and successful, common enemy who has become expert in turning us against each other. He seeks to destroy us all though getting us to destroy each other. He is winning when we fight against each other rather than unite to oppose him.

Exposing this common enemy might be easier by contrasting opposites, for he became our enemy by opposing our common God and all that is good and true which comes from him. Continue reading

Reality or Insanity

Some thoughts on perceiving things as they really are and trying to stay sane in an increasingly crazy world.

I have always considered insanity as being about a disconnect between individual perception and actual reality. The extreme of this is psychotics who have hallucinations and delusions – they see things that are not really there and talk to voices coming from no one, or insist something or someone is something other than what they really are. My husband’s traumatic brain injury is sometime exhibited in frantic searching for lost items that we do not actually own. I have at times myself, especially in dealing with alcoholics or addicts, felt a little crazy because my senses and my brain were telling me one thing while the addict/alcoholic was insisting something else was real – I didn’t really smell what I smelled, slurred speech was my ears fooling me, this was not what it appeared to be. When the choice is between believing a lie that someone you love and trust is telling you or trusting in your own perceptions, sometimes it is preferable to feel crazy.

We humans rely largely upon our senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste – to make determinations about whether something is real or not. Even then we can be fooled by things like the illusions of a magic act or prevalent virtual reality. Add to that the many conflicting messages we hear about current events. It used to be that we could trust that the majority of people accepted and presented reality as reality – there was a kind of common consensus of reality. But now things have become blurred and conflicted. Reality is no longer based on sensory or even scientifically verifiable observations, but more on feelings and ideology. It is no longer a constant we can count on, but is relative and variable, dependent upon prevailing popular opinion or even individual personal choices. Things which were obviously “real” years ago are no longer considered real, but have been replaced by new reality. All this leads to the questions: Are we really perceiving “things as they really are”? Or are we as a society going insane? Continue reading

Facts, Truth and Guile

In a world with so many conflicting voices and contradictory facts, how can we distinguish real truth from all that is erroneous and false?


With any statement made by a public figure, especially a politician, a “fact-checking” process immediately begins. This process may seem to be intended to keep such people honest, but the motive is more likely to create a “gotcha” moment–to catch someone in a lie, error, or untruth; to in effect label them a liar; cast doubt on their intentions; even discredit all they have said or may say. But is fact-checking really an accurate or honest way to assess someone’s honesty? Do facts really reflect the truth of the message?


Facts are simply pieces of information which are assumed to be true, usually because they have been recorded or can be verified. It is the interpretation of facts which is significant–what do they mean? That interpretation of fact varies depending on the perspective and foundational beliefs of any particular person or group. With skill, any select group of facts can be used to successfully argue almost any point. Other facts which may contradict a hypothesis or suggest other meanings are left out of such arguments. Even when intentional efforts are made to find all of the relevant facts, there may be others which may not be known or available at that point in time. Often facts are selected and deemed relevant because they fit into the framework of an accepted belief system. We intentionally, though often not consciously, seek facts that reinforce what we already believe to be true. We also discount or ignore facts which do not fit that belief system. So fact-checking is usually self-serving, seeking to reinforce and validate a position already accepted by some to be true and in the process point a finger of doubt and shame at someone with another perspective who did not present the appropriate or correct set of facts. Continue reading