On Being a Woman

My first reaction on seeing the Vanity Fair cover photo of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner was “So this is what you have wanted?” “This is what being a woman is about?”

Besides the obvious fact that there is nothing real or authentic about the image – surgically altered, made-up, and photoshopped – is this image in any way representative of what it means to be a woman? And particularly a 65 year old woman? This is not the image of a woman that I would want my daughters or granddaughters aspiring to. This is certainly not the image of the vast majority of women that I know. Is being “feminine” really about make-over glam shots dressed like a hooker? An AP article quoted Eden Lane as saying “All the women I know would LOVE to have the chance to have photos of themselves as beautiful as that one taken by Annie Leibovitz.” REALLY? I guess she and I know a whole different group of women. Sure it might be a fun thing to have an occasional make-over glam photo session, but the reality of most women is nothing like this image. Not to mention that real women have a whole lot more worthwhile things to do than to get manicures, hair extensions, shop for clothes, and have photo sessions. And is there really anything “beautiful” about such a phony portrait? You might as well just pay a famous artist to paint a portrait of a beautiful woman and claim it is you, or photoshop your face onto a fashion model’s body. Continue reading