Creation by Divine Design

As we observe and ponder the amazing conditions of this earth, how can we not also recognize with awe creation by divine design and feel gratitude to the great and marvelous Creator?

Creation of Earth

A friend gave my husband a subscription to National Geographic for Christmas. When the March issue came, I scanned through it and was struck by an interesting article briefly mentioning 13 things that make life possible on earth. As I read about these amazing details, I was struck by the vast knowledge and wisdom of God in creating all of these perfect conditions to support life on this earth. It reaffirmed my faith in a wise and loving creator.

Then I turned the page and found an article about how life on this marvelous earth evolved from simple life forms to us amazing humans. What a way to deflate the beautiful balloon.

My Observations about Evolution

First off, my disclaimer. I am not a scientist. I have studied some science and observed much from living, but I am no expert. I present only truths I have observed.

“Evolution” is presented as a gradual movement upward, ever growing and expanding, from simple to more complex. If there is such a forward, upward movement – I would say toward more light and truth and good – it would require a positive, intelligent, nurturing, creative force pulling in that direction.

What I have observed in nature, man made material objects, and also in people, is that without any positive force drawing upward, the natural tendency is toward deterioration, decay, disorganization, and destruction. The “natural way” is the easy way, the path of least resistance. Things naturally tend to break down into simpler forms, not to become more complex.

Opposing Forces

The reality is that there are both forces at work. There is a positive, creative force and a negative destructive force. I think we all really know that. There is “opposition in all things.” (2 Nephi 2:11) Think of all of the great stories – they are basically about a conflict between good and evil. It is the evil force that does not want us to recognize and access the influence of the good.

That negative, evil force would rather have us believe that all is random chance than to believe in the good, righteous force which intentionally created all things for our good, and influences us to be better. That force would rather have us believe that we are the pinnacle of all that has come before, rather than be in humble awe of the Creator’s majesty.

The Creation Story

Earlier this year we studied the Creation in Sunday School. It was suggested that the scriptural account was similar to a “children’s book” version. We humans are not smart enough, or mature enough to understand the technical details, were they to be given. And since believing in God and his creations is ultimately an act of faith, those details are not really that important.

Another Version of the Story

I wonder if another more detailed and scientific version of the story would make any difference to unbelievers? It might go something like my thoughts as I read the National Geographic article:

“I God, desired to create an earth where my spirit children could dwell in temporal bodies and have a mortal experience. So I found a perfect location in the galaxy.

“I created a sun, a stable star of just the right size. I placed the earth the perfect distance from that sun to provide light and the right amount of heat. I made the earth to revolve around the sun and also to turn on its axis so there is not one side too hot and the other too cold and always dark.

“I God, created a moon for this earth to revolve around it. It provides light to the earth, through reflection of the sun’s light at night when the earth is directed away from the sun. I also created it the right size for it’s gravitational pull to stabilize the axial wobble of the earth, and to provide some interesting tides.

“I God, gathered all the elements necessary to sustain life. I combined oxygen and hydrogen in a way that created a life sustaining liquid. Because of the distance from the sun and other conditions this liquid also can exist at the same time as a gas in the “firmament” above the earth. Occasionally it can come down in liquid form to replenish supplies on the surface. And it even can be in solid form under certain conditions.

“I put carbon, another life-sustaining element, in the form of a gas in the “firmament” and also in solid form in the earth. I made a way for this carbon to be recycled and to be stored in the earth for a future fuel source.

“I God, added variety to the face of the earth. I created all kinds of wonderful animals and plants suited to various environments, so all can find a place where they can thrive. The variety adds much of interest and beauty and enjoyment.

“I created a variety of plants with “seed in itself” so that they can perpetually reproduce. I also created a process for plants to create food through light and with the nutrients in the soil and water. This “food” will not only sustain the plants, but can provide food for animals and people. And I created plants to take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into the air to maintain a healthy balance for humans.

“After creating all this and more in perfect conditions to support human life, I God, created man and woman after my image and placed them there to dwell.”

To Believe or Not to Believe

So is it easier to believe that all of these perfect conditions just randomly came together and our earth magically formed the way it is and where it is, or to believe that an all powerful, all knowing, wise and loving God intentionally “created the heavens and the earth and all things that in them are”? (3 Nephi 9:15, see also Colossians 1:16, Mormon 9:11, 2 Nephi 2:14) I personally believe that “all things denote that there is a God.”(Alma 30:44)

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