Weather Panic?

Do you believe in climate change? That seems to be the question. It is presented as though one must totally accept or reject a neat package as scientific fact. It is often presented as accepting or denying science. It is really a much more complicated issue involving not purely science, but also politics, economics and theology. I have issues with it on various levels.

The Politics of Science

It is hard to accept Climate Change Theory or Global Warming as science, when it is actually part of a larger political package which includes blatant “science denying”in regards to other key issues. This package is promoted by the party which considers itself pro-science and delights in calling others “science deniers”.

I believe in the science of human biology. When a human sperm containing a Y chromosome joins with a female egg and fertilizes it, it creates a new human being. This being has unique DNA differing from both of its parents. Though it spends time gestating inside of a female body, it is not part of that female’s body. It is not a growth or a condition. It is a unique, individual human being.

Science tells us that it has a beating heart and functioning organs. It moves. It grows. It feels pain. All long before it breathes and lives independently. Science also tells us that humans come in two sexes. These are determined by that little Y chromosome. If someone has a Y, they develop what we call male physical characteristics and are male. They start out as baby boys and become men. If someone lacks a Y chromosome, they become a female. (There may be rare biological anomalies, but this is the rule.) Simple as that. Gender is determined by biology – science – not by how someone feels or what they prefer.

So a political ideology which promotes such denials of scientific facts makes me skeptical of what other ideas they promote in the name of science. They in effect say “trust us that this is scientific – but never mind those other scientific facts.”

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