Even liberals should be outraged

I can’t watch another of these videos without saying something. I can understand why some sensitive religious people might hesitate to watch something with a warning that it is graphic and disturbing. Apparently liberals also avoid watching because they have already made up their minds that it is propaganda from the right and so not worth their time. I can’t believe that anyone could watch these videos and still think that Planed Parenthood is doing nothing illegal or wrong. I cannot for the life of me find any way that these videos could be fake or untrue. I also can find no way that the behavior demonstrated on them can be justified at all. I will concede that there is some bias in the presentation – an attempt to show horrors as horrors without sanitizing. Sure they were secretly recorded – these Planned Parenthood people would not have said what they said if they knew it would be used against them. But wrong is wrong – and Planned Parenthood is wrong!

Let’s just assume, as suggested, that this ultra-conservative organization created/orchestrated these deceptive videos. How did they do that? They found some look-alike actors to portray actual Planned Parenthood personnel and scripted and staged the whole thing? They tricked these people into saying what they said? They did some real creative, and very well done editing, putting words together to say something totally different than what was actually said? They created fake fetal body parts? Or dumpster-dived in a Planned Parenthood clinic’s trash for them? Or aborted a fetus themselves so they could put parts in a pie plate to show?

It amazes me how some liberals have been so quick to come to the defense of this beloved organization. They are sure that Planned Parenthood has done nothing wrong – because Planned Parenthood officials have said that they did nothing wrong. This is the same kind of blind trust that liberals are so quick to condemn and mock in religious conservatives.

It is disturbing that Americans have become so polarized and divisive that anything coming from the opposite camp is immediately dismissed as inaccurate and an intentional attempt to make their side look bad. I admit that this happens from both sides – both seem so sure that they are always in the right and therefore the other must be totally wrong. This happens to the extent that many don’t bother to make any attempt to research or learn about issues, but just blindly follow and share what party leaders spout as reality.

So before reflexively defending Planned Parenthood and the abortions they exist to perform, I would ask liberals to watch, listen, and do some actual thinking.

I will pose some questions for thought:

If Planned Parenthood, as a noble institution, desires to contribute to medical research (and if fetal tissue is really necessary – which is a whole other debate), why don’t they just donate “fetal tissue” free of cost to researchers? After all, it is basically refuse – a waste product of their procedures that would otherwise be destroyed. But there are costs involved for Planned Parenthood to do this, they say. Really? Because Doctors and technicians spend extra time to carefully extract and sort the most valuable parts for which they can charge more money? Why couldn’t the researchers pick up garbage bags full of tissue and do their own sorting and selecting of specimens? No compensation needed then.

I have heard Planned Parenthood defended as a wonderful provider of needed services for women and removing Government funding would deprive women of services. Really? There are no other organizations that provide these services? If that is the case, Planned Parenthood should be investigated as an unfair monopoly. Aren’t there other clinics out there who provide services to women? What other services does Planned Parenthood actually provide? Birth control is available elsewhere, isn’t it? Wasn’t Obamacare supposed to guarantee all Americans with basic health care anyway? Couldn’t Planned Parenthood just use their profits to provide some birth control to poor women with no other options? Couldn’t Planned Parenthood find other funding sources – like the rich liberals who defend them – to keep running?

If another organization, let’s say one run by conservatives, was found to be illegally selling for profit something that they had obtained through Government funding, wouldn’t we all be outraged? At least liberals would. Why no outrage about Planned Parenthood profiting – not just from selling fetal body parts, but also making a sizeable annual profit from providing services that our tax dollars are paying for? Even those who think abortion is fine should be upset at their tax dollars going to buy some Doctor or executive a Lamborghini, right?

Should any organization be allowed to break the law because they do some other things that are good? Should any organization be considered so essential that they become a sacred cow from which Government funding cannot be cut for any reason?

Will liberals ever wake up and see that there are some things that are just basically wrong? Or is there too strong a need to appear a righteous victim of unfair tactics of the radical right? Watch the videos. Listen to what these people are saying. Look at the fetal body parts – what we have all been told are merely “clumps of cells” – which they casually and humorously identify. Be outraged that your beloved Planned Parenthood has betrayed your trust that they have only noble intentions and are doing good. See that their intent is to make as much profit as possible out of the suffering of others. Stop defending them. Be outraged!

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